22 July 2016

Six years of Ashwamedh Group


  On 1st August 2016 Ashwamedh Group will complete 6 years. The history behind formation of Ashwamedh Group and it's journey till 1st August 2014 was written in my post 4 years of Ashwamedh Group two years ago. So I will start from there. 

    A conglomerate which will work in various sectors wiz. Media, Education, Finance and Social Work was the vision behind forming Ashwamedh Group. Accordingly Ashwamedh Kalamanch (later merged in Indifame media pvt ltd.), Ashwamedh's Knowledge Centre, Ashwamedh Financial Services and Ashwamedh Foundation were formed by us. The progress of these organizations and the work done by then already covered in the above mentioned post. The activities and projects done by Ashwamedh Foundation are available on our Facebook Page and Ashwamedh Foundation website. So I won't share that too. I will rather share the lessons I learnt in last two years.


03 April 2016

Casteism in Cartoon Show

                         Casteism in Cartoon Show

  After DD Rangoli I didn't changed Channel today and kept watching the next Program 'Chulbuli Filmein Chatpati GapShap'. It's a television program for Children in which many animated stories are shown .Anchor gives some  Morale lessons between two consecutive stories. 

       Today there was one STORY from Vikram aur Vetaal series Based on Casteim which really pissed me off. After narrating story Vetaal asks Vikram 'From the FOUR men, which Man was chosen by Princess for her marriage?' and then Vikram says "Princess should marry the warrior as Rajkumaris should marry Warriors (Kshatriya). Rest three men were from Brahmin, Vaishya and Shudra Vanshas so Princess should not marry any of them. 

          I wonder in which century we are living? Do these Executive Producers watch the Episodes before telecasting them? What do you want to teach children through such Casteism based Stories. Shocked to see such Episode on NATIONAL Channel and that too in Children's Program, Shame of Doordarshan. Disgusting !

30 January 2016

Navigation of Ashwamedh Foundation in the FY 2015-2016

  Navigation of Ashwamedh Foundation in the FY 2015-2016

       Yesterday on 29th January 2016 Ashwamedh Foundation completed 3 yrs as a registered non-profit Organization. As a founder I am quite happy to see that Ashwamedh Foundation reaching this important milestone in it's life. In a Business real valuation starts once you achieve 'Break-Even' but in case of Non Profit Organization you start getting Valuation only after you complete 3 years as registered Organization. That's the basic requirement to get NGO status, apply for Govt. funding, 12 A, 80 G certificates and so on.When I started Ashwamedh Group in August 2010; I started working in four fields simultaneously  Arts (Ashwamedh Kalamanch), Finance (Ashwamedh Financial Services), Education (Ashwamedh Knowledge Centre) and Social Work (Ashwamedh Foundation). Ashwamedh Kalamanch was winded up in the August 2012 and merged into Indifame Media a media company. Ashwamedh Foundation was founded on same day and started it's operation from it's Foundation Day itself. It got registered as Charitable Society on 29th January 2013 and then Public Trust in July 2014. Ashwamedh Foundation works in the field of Education, Healthcare and Environment. But Child Education and Development remained our Major Focus in the last three years. Attrition being the biggest problem in Ashwamedh Foundation we saw many people exiting it and many people joining it; but it didn't affected our work and we continue to give our best to the Social Sector. Navigation so far was quite easy as we were working with the strategy called 'Survival'. From this year We will work with Strategy of 'Growth'. So it's quite important for me to try and find out some great Unconventional Social Projects in the public domain. Many NGOs are working in Education and Healthcare Sectors and it's quite difficult to carve your niche in the clutter of this Me-Too kind of sector. It's possible to keep working in a Local Area for Several years and sustain, but then there is NO scope for Growth beyond some specific limit. Therefore My Priority this year is to Find some Non-conventional Projects like Waste Management, Renewable Energy, Financial Literacy etc. 
I am quite positive that sooner or later My team will find sense in what I am planning to do. 

     The ongoing Project Ankur of Ashwamedh Foundation will complete after some more lectures. Team Ashwamedh Foundation is doing great work in Mulanche Samarth Vidyalay Vidyanagari where we are teaching English to vernacular medium students. As the name suggest PROJECT 'Ankur' believes in developing Students early in their life so that they can be moulded properly. Apart from English, we took some interactive sessions on speed maths, science topics etc. We played several educative games and kept quizzes etc. Students also showed their talents by completing the assignments given by us. Project Ankur was carried out under the able leadership of Project Co-Ordinator Sneha Sharma under the guidance of Operations head Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari. Many members and volunteers participated in the Project Ankur and gave their valuable time to the cause. They enjoyed teaching students and working with Ashwamedh Foundation. In the Month of July I gave a Lecture in HKIMSR college on CSR in India. 9 students from this college volunteers two Months for Project Ankur and completed their CSR projects under me, 
Apart from Project Ankur we also carried out many activities, healthcare camps and events, educational trips this year. You can like our Page of Facebook and also visit our website to know more about Ashwamedh Foundation. 
      I am sharing our video of Journey of Ashwamedh Foundation in the calendar year 2015 here. Do watch it. Keep Supporting Ashwamedh Foundation. 

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Music of Rain & Farmers of India

                         Music of Rain & Farmers of India

       'Ghanan Ghanan Ghan bhar aaye ghir aaye badra', 'Rim Zhim Rhim Zhim Rum Zhum Rum Zhum', ' Tip Tip Barsa Paani', 'Chai Chappa Chai, Chappak Chai', 'Taak Jhum Jhum Taak Jhum Jhum'. Bollywood has used many such words to describe Music of Rain and water. Really the sound of rain & the smell of drenched soil in the first rain of Monsoon fills our heart with Joy and happiness. Just imagine how important it is for the Farmers whose complete life depends on this Rain water. 
       India has witness biggest drought in the late 70s. In past two two-three years Monsoon deficiency has become regular problem in the lives of farmers of Maharashra. Farmers are committing suicides as they don't have any alternate income source and Farming is no more profitable business for them. Neither they are able to produce sufficient amount of corps nor they are getting right value for their produce. The biggest concern is Government is not taking enough steps to save our farmers from taking  extreme steps like suicides. But the worst part is that NCDEX, the commodity market of India is failing to Monitor the Malpractices in the Forward contracts of the Agriculture produce. 

       Yesterday when NCDEX closed CASTOR seed trading in the Market completely; it faced huge criticism from all the participants of Market. The step was taken as per the bylaws of the Exchange without consulting SEBI. If the Commodity Market is run by Speculators then what is the point in Stopping trading so abruptly? Why haven't you probed in the Malpractices earlier and made changes in the rules accordingly. Why aren't you deciding the Rates based on Average rates of different Mandis and relying only on ONE mandi where Manipulation can easily take place. These traders and middlemen who are hoarding the Food-grains and creating artificial Inflation is not new in the commodity Market. We saw same thing happening in Daals few months back. So when are you going to take right steps? 

           Capitalists are earning huge profits by their malpractices and manipulations on one side and Farmers of India are committing suicides for the loans merely worth 1 lac on another side. Such a contrasting picture of India? Who is responsible for it? If you will keep looting poor farmers like this; one day you will have to depend totally on costly Imported food-grains; don't you realize this?  

             Irrigation network in India is increasing properly but it's not yet succeded to reach the parts far away from water-resources. In such cases farming solely depends on the Monsoon Rain. Sometimes you get to see Music of Rain making families of Farmer happy; and sometimes you hear crying widows in their early twenties with infants in their arms.  Save the farmers. Music is not always pleasant. 
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.