15 May 2011

Making of Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no. 9

 Making of Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no. 9 

        Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no.9 was dedicated to Teacher-Student friendship.Abhijeet Sakpal and Anant Chavan had played roles of student and teacher respectively.Abhijeet Sakpal's acting as a naughty student and Anant Chavan's performance as his teacher both were equally good and the give-n-take, dialogue delivery,timing etc.all were perfect.The overall act was good and interesting was shot in one-take,no retake.But when I saw this act during editing work,I was very much disappointed by watching the 'wrinkles' on background curtains and overall set.We did shooting of all 9 episodes of 'Hasya-Jatra' infront of same BLUE background.So here I thought we must STOP,re-work again on resources, improve our Quality and Standard,change the format of serial and also the level of acts.
So the 9th episode became the Last episode of Hasya Jatra for first season.'Change' is important and we should accept this fact.
         Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no.9 


            Abhijeet Chavan and Anant Chavan, the duo acted together in webisode no 5 of Hasya Jatra as Pradhan and Raja resp.
And the 'Chemistry' between them was really good in that act.That's the only reason we replaced Rakesh Dudwadkar by Anant Chavan for the role of teacher and secondly Rakesh is very much younger to Abhijeet so the casting could have been failed. So Anant accepted the role. Rakesh was good as 'Deshashta Brahmin teacher' and he was also good in 'nasal' dialogue delivery.When Anant tried the same,he could manage the accent but his voice throw suffered.So he decided to do that character as a 'normal village teacher' and not 'kokanasth brahmin teacher' 
          Abhijeet is around 37 yrs old and he does have 'Hair problem'.You can watch original Abhijeet in Webisode no.1 in which he has done a role of 'drunkard' along with Rakesh.So to make him look like student we had to work on his looks. He completely shaved his mustache for this role.We gave him 'School uniform' costume and artificial hairs on his head inside cap to show him school going kid and that worked.But the main requirement was his'bearing' as a kid,his 'expressions','innocence' on which he worked properly.This episode was in Marathi.The act was written by  Ashish Chavan and directed by Anant himself.You can watch the acting skill of Anant Chavan in this webisode.Seriously that's what 'experience' all about.He looks very convincing and very natural as 'teacher'. 

          This 9th episode was not the end of 'HASYA-JATRA',it was beginning of New improved version of webseries.We will return again with more fun and more good quality acts.You can watch animated webisodes 10,11,12 etc.of Hasya Jatra till we come back.
Keep loving Ashwamedh Kalamanch and thanks for watching all the webisodes of Hasya Jatra on our ASHWAMEDH KALAMANCH BLOG.

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11 May 2011



Ashwamedh Kalamanch's  first webseries 'Hasya-Jatra' can be watched on our blog  .
           Ashish Chavan acted in our promo and webisode no.4 and webisode no.7.
Hasya Jatra's episode no 8 was directed by Ashish Chavan. In this webisode we introduced first girl anchor Rupali More who has also acted in this episode.The chemistry between Rupali and Rakesh Dudwadkar was really amazing during this act. 

       Ashwamedh Kalamanch's  Hasya Jatra's  webisode no.8 is dedicated to the 'POWER OF MONEY'. Rakesh has played the role of 'stylish begger' in this act.He is quite funny in this act.Rupali gets impressed by this begger due to his 'income' and that shows 'Aajkal pyar andha hi nahi...lalachi bhi hota hai :P' - the morale of the webisode. 

       The act was written by Ashish himself,so he had better idea of how to direct this act.He wanted Rakesh to do 'LOUD' acting in this act.Infact Rupali has really pulled out the act properly.Rakesh did good job,but he could have done much better than this.We don't wanted to act him like 'Munnabhai' in entire act,but he had to talk like Munna in this act. Rupali and Rakesh took almost 4 hours to practice the act and we shot this act in the late evening  at 7:30 p.m. 
 Again we couldn't complete in single shoot,we took 3 patches for this act.
Anchoring was done by Rupali after the shooting was over. So that day Rupali and her husband Shailesh spend entire day on set. 


       The joke of the weight-machine was quite hilarious.The expressions by Rakesh during that scene is quite funny.Actually he took lot of time to understand what was expected from him.Finally we told him to act 'FILMY'.He understood the word and then gave proper reactions,quite 'filmy' and quite 'loud'. We included 'dance' at the end of the episode to increase the 'Energy level' of act and add more humor and nonsense in it. Rupali did anchoring for the first time in her life.So she was bit nervous during her anchoring.She tried her best.
 Editing part was comparatively easy for this webisode.We had to 'CHEAT' entire 'Weight-machine' scene, so I had to Zoom the video during editing work. Sound effect of weight-machine after inserting coin, throwing of coin towards Rakesh etc. were added. This webisode was HINDI and first time it had any love-story,so as expected we got quite a good response to this act. 

       Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra serial can be watched on our ASHWAMEDH KALAMANCH BLOG ( Enjoy.
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10 May 2011


07 May 2011



                    "Wo baap, baaphi kya jiski koi beti na ho? 
           Wo Engineer, Engineerhi kya jise koi KT na ho?"

    Engineers can never forget their college life.75% attendance requirement,assignments,drawings,labs,experiments,projects,vivas,tests,group discussion etc apart from that friends,canteen,peer-pressure,dreams,success-failures,sports,festivals and the list goes on.I know you will say that this is STORY of every students and not only engineers.So what makes ENGINEERS different from others? Yes 'PRESSURE'.They learn how to manage pressure in their work.So many subjects per semester,that too quite difficult to understand.So don't you think 'EXAM FEVER' will be different for them? Definitely,it's different.And if you are staying in hostel then exam period seems like 'SEASON' in the academic year.

   Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra episode no.7 is dedicated to all such Engineering students.The episode name is 'EXAM FEVER',as the episode is all about the conversations between students during exam period.Many fear Analytical subjects,specially which include lot of calculations.There are many students who even don't know how to use scientific calculators :P,Some students are very serious and sincere.They study regularly and so are under less pressure as compared to students who study at 11th hour.So at the exam time such students becomes 'GOD' for entire hostel.In this webisode of Hasya Jatra Shailesh More is one such scholar student.His room partner Ashish Chavan is like other average students.Rest you can watch by yourself on 

            Compared to previous webisode this act was different in its treatment.I wanted to show the 'EXAM FEVER' as it is and so there was not much scope for any comic scenes. The only comedy was in the punches which should be matched with the attitudes of characters (students) in this webisode. So we worked more on it. And this webisode was completely made for Students only so that they can relate themselves with it.

             The act was shoot in 3-4 patches as per the enteries by other hostelite students. So the sequence of 2-3 parts was adjustable except the END which was pre-planned. We just wanted to give message to all the students that 'THERE IS NO SHORT-CUT TO SUCCESS'. We gave Jitendra Patel the chance to anchor this episode as young student anchor was most suitable for this compared to show host Rakesh Dudwadkar.The beginning scene of Shailesh Humbre and Sumeet Mane was addtional scene which was included later just because we have skipped 1-2 good laughter punches on the shooting day which we could not shoot again with Ashish and Shailesh More. 

           During the shooting Shailesh More was not comfortable with one dialog which had 'PREFER, REFER' combination.He took many retakes to deliver the same dialog.Ashish had done good job as an actor supported by Jitendra,Hakim and myself. It was my debut act.Basically I don't like to ACT but I acted because of shortage of Actors that day.This webisode didn't got good response on our BLOG ( but become instant hit on YouTube.
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05 May 2011



     Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra viewership was  increased after first four episodes.We really had very good viewership from India after first four episodes of Hasya Jatra,so my next concern was to increase Blog viewers globally.So we decided to shoot some HINDI language episode. I knew there were 2-3 webseries already running successfully on Internet from Indian serial makers.One of them was actually doing really good.So it was quite a difficult task to grab Hindi viewers to webseries which was lacking in technical aspects.But I trusted my 'marathi speaking' viewers. I knew they will definitely share 'Hindi episodes' as well if they liked it.So we went ahead. 
            Sixth episode of Hasya Jatra was 'Shyamsundar the telecaller'. The making story of Shyamsundar is quite interesting as this episode was only made for filling the gaps and not as a full fledged main act.Infact that's the reason we didn't even bothered to shoot any anchoring for this webisode. Actually,the abusive language which we have used in this act was another reason why I was anxious about success of this webisode. Somehow I knew this act will shock all our viewers to whom we were giving typical 'family comedy' kind of webisodes so far.
Shyamsundar act was shot during the shooting of third webisode of Hasya Jatra (based on corruption) ( Rakesh and Sandesh (Govind) both took lot of time to memorize their script for third episode.So we had to remove them from the stage and give them more time to prepare themselves for shoot. But I don't wanted to pack-up,as every single day of shooting was costing us a lot. So I decided to go ahead with Shyamsundarwala concept which Jitu has told me earlier. 

            Jitendra Patel aka Jeetu is one of the pillars of Ashwamedh Kalamanch. 
He has done a great job earlier by Editing our first short-film 'DO NOT DISTURB' (
and secondly he was the Director of Second short film by Ashwamedh Kalamanch ' WRONG TURN' ( got great response by viewers in TIMES OF INDIA'S ' a day in life of India' contest. Jeetu is a student in Mumbai University at the same time he is call center employee.
Jeetu had this concept in mind about the call center employee and the fun during their training period when they actually learn 'how to attend domestic as well as international customers'. He wanted to show some of the real life jokes of his friends in Hasya Jatra webisode.But somewhere I thought there was humor in the act but the jokes were too specific to a call center profession and were difficult to understand by common public. So we decided to take hardly one-two jokes but work more on the character to add humor.

              We arranged Table,phone,laptop and then told Hakim and Rajendra to sit on chairs in front of the table. We started discussing dialogs and sequence on the spot.Abdul Hakim Ansari who has already acted in WRONG TURN short-film as a lead role knew little bit acting,but it was Rajendra's real debut as he didn't had single dialogue in promo of Hasya Jatra ( where he acted before. Hakim himself developed the character of Shyamsundar.He knew one of his bihari friend who has quite a funny accent.So we decided the sequence of act. But we didn't had any good end in our mind so I thought why not we add something really annoying for his boss so that Shyamsundar will be thrown out of call center. So we decided this abusive conversation between Shyamsundar and one of the client. I decided to do all the voice over by myself as I was handling the camera and so my voice would have been recorded very clearly. 
For me the challenge was to use different voice tones and pitch to show different clients, and the worst part was there was one lady client in the act which I had to perform as a voice over artist. I decided 'Jo hoga dekha jayega,let's shoot'. Anant played cameo in this act,he was confused about what was going around.I told him to just concentrate on his part and leave rest upto me and Hakim. We completed this act in one shot. There was some mistakes which I  wanted to rectify,but meanwhile Rakesh and Govind has rehersed their act and were ready to acquire their floor for third episode shoot. So I decided to take care of faults during my editing work. The act was one shot there was not much editing required.But the sound-mixing was quite important aspect of this act as we didn't took it into consideration while shooting. Adding Caller tones,phone pick-up voice, engage tone, hold instructions, beep for abusive language,laughter etc. So it was the first act which needed so many sound effects at right place. I tried my best and completed editing work.When I uploaded and shared it on Facebook first time I added warning about the language. But then all told me that this is common language which M TV, V TV generation is using nowdays so share it without any hesitation and I agreed. 

                       Surprisingly this webisode become most watched video amongst the youth of age group 18-24.I asked Rakesh how this happened. Rakesh told me that the innocence of the character Shyamsundar clicked. I congratulated Hakim and Rajendra for the good response which this webisode got. So guys this was the story on making of Hasya Jatra Episode no.6.
Thanks again for reading my blog.Keep visiting Ashwamedh Kalamanch Blog

04 May 2011


                      HASYA JATRA EPISODE 5 

            Anant Chavan is a good director when it comes to prepare acts which has lots of energy and body language requirements. He has worked with many eminent Marathi stars like Satish Tare,Bhushan Kadu,Nirmiti Sawant and late Laxmikant Berde. The roles which he perfomed in his drama career were very small but all were comedy in nature.So the lessons of comedy which he learned from the directors like Purushottam Berde helped us at every aspect of Hasya Jatra.
         Anant Chavan has worked with Laxmikant Berde in 'TUR-TUR', Nirmiti Sawant with 'Jau Bai Jorat' and 'Shyamchi Mummy' and with 'Bhushan Kadu' & 'Satish Tare' in 'Shyamchi Mummy'.He has also done a small cameo in 'Paichaan Kaun' drama. He left the drama field after he survived from the accident which occured with 'Shyamchi Mummy' unit bus several years back.His great escape from the death took him away from his drama career.His bended backbone never allowed him to work again in dramas where great energy is expected from actors. 
     Ashwamedh Kalamanch become his Second Inning platform as being senior he took lot of responsibility on his own shoulder. His experience and passion for drama were the main reason why I went ahead to take the risk of 'HASYA JATRA' production. Due to low budget and NO EXPERIENCE of entertainment field I relied on him entirely for the decisions regarding casting,script selection etc. From the first episode itself I was getting overwhelmed by his talent and wanted to see him act in some of the Webisodes of Hasya Jatra webseries.
But he refused,as he was worried about his weakness and ailing body.An actor can leave 'ACTING',but the 'ACTING KIDA' always remains there inside him and when the habitat becomes nutritional for that worm, he himself stands on stage 'TO ACT', Anant was not an exception.

                       Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no.5 

Anant and Abhijeet both were discussing scripts for next episodes. Abhijeet came out with Raja-Pradhan script. I was completely annoyed. I asked them this kind of acts are available everywhere on Television,why people will watch samething on internet with so much buffering problem? But,Anant liked the script. The act was quite longer and had covered many issues in it. So we decided to cut it short and show Raja-Pradhan acts part by part taking 'Single' issue at a time. The first issue which we chose was 'DISASTER MANAGEMENT' in India. The live example of Japan's great disaster management' was infront of everyone of us. So we chose to raise the issue of 'requirement of good disaster management techniques in India'. I have a permission to upload videos of more than 15 min. length on My YouTube Director's channel  )

                But we kept 10 min. as the maximum limit for Hasya Jatra episode as uploading to internet is lengthy process. So the act was cut in 5 min and with anchoring it reached 7-8 min.
The costume was made by myself using whatever is available at home. The hairs which we used for Anant were troubling him a lot during act yet he pulled act properly.Abhijeet was forgeting his lines so we had to shoot act in 3 patches. Abhijeet really did a good job as a 'Pradhan' in this act,but his voice was not clear at many important punches. Anant's voice quality and throw were perfect as King. The act got appreciated by many viewers as no one could realise how the crown of 'King' was made? When I explained them that it was cushion cover with 'Maa sherawali' cloth stappled on it,everyone laughed with amazement. I said with gimmick 'Kya kare,itne paiseme itnahich milega'. Crowd laughed again.
               Guys thanks again for reading this post.Keep watching HASYA JATRA only on ASHWAMEDH KALAMANCH BLOG ( 



02 May 2011



 When you search Google for Ashwamedh Kalamanch, you will come across 17,500 results of Ashwamedh Kalamanch and all belonging to us.Well that was the power of  Search Engine Optimization. Apart from India Ashwamedh Kalamanch Blog has really good viewer ship from country like USA,UK,Australia and several other countries.Thanks to all my UDCT friends who have settled all over the world and watching and sharing our blog on their FaceBook profile.
                      Third episode of Hasya Jatra was the most viewed episode so far on all three platforms. Deepbaazigar channel on YouTube, Dekhona and ofcourse Ashwamedh Kalamanch Blog ( There was nothing great about third episode.But the TIMING of the episode clicked.We released the episode when the HEAT of battle against corruption was ON. Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra's third episode was dedicated to Shri.Anna Hazare and the India's battle against Corruption.
                  During the period of agitation against corruption we decided to show our support in our own way.
We had WEAPON of 'Hasya Jatra' which we decided to use.Some of our members criticized me as according to them the subject and script was quite serious and could not become part of Comedy Show.
But after long discussion we decided to go ahead with the Script. This was the first episode in which we had already written script in hand for shooting. The words which I used during the script writing were really hard for Rakesh and Sandesh (Govind) who both have studied in English medium school in their childhood. They took one and half day to memorize the script but still could not perform the Act in one Take.

       Rakesh Dudwadkar helped Govind throughout the act and somehow managed to complete the act before dark.Anant Chavan directed the act.When he saw that actor Govind was struggling a lot with sentences,he told me to shoot the act patch by patch and I agreed. The script was completely sarcastic in nature. We had not left any single corrupt politician and tried to cover all the corrupt departments of the country in 7 min. When I was writing this act,I was completely inspired from Marathi serial 'TICKLE TE POLITICAL' which I used to watch on regular basis (some years back).But I don't wanted to use 'Raja-pradhan' aur 'Gan-gavalan' kind of formats for this act, as I wanted this act to appeal youth.So we used IPL loving cricket-crazy fan with which youngster can easily relate with. We had to convince Rakesh to shave out his moustache. He didn't wanted to do so,as his 1st child naming ceremony was coming closer and his family would have scold him by watching him without Moustache..ha ha ha..I know it's quite illogical.When Rakesh saw his act he realized that he was really looking quite younger in this act and as per the requirement of character. The most catchy part of this act was 'MERA NETA CHOR HAI' campaign.Obviously I took this idea from campaign which I saw on FACEBOOK. Originality and Creativity are two different aspects.You need lot of skills to Creatively present STOLEN IDEAS :P.The comment which this video got on YOUTUBE tells everything about the impact of this act on Youth.

                                   Fourth Episode of Hasya Jatra was completely dedicated to Naughty children. Ashish Chavan was just one week old in Ashwamedh Kalamanch team and we gave him chance to perform lead role in our Hasya Jatra promo which has already instilled confidence in him. The first act of Bandya and Chintya was quite hillarious as the punches in the act need quite mischievous and innocent child characters. We offered    Govind the character of Bandya initially,but he could not do it properly as he was feeling quite awkward to do childish behavior. Thankfully Rakesh decided to accept the challenge by himself. Initially I was hesitant to see 32 yr old Rakesh as 14-15 age child.But then somehow Rakesh gave full justice to character. The slapstick reactions which was expected from Ashish were not upto mark but as all important punches were given to Rakesh we were quite sure that act will be good.The addition 'Tuz uttar aikun maza sagla halla' by Ashish was really hillarious :)). The actors may not be good in delivering the original dialogs but are quite good in Adding their own lines during act :P.

                                    Fourth episode has two acts in it.The second act of the episode was of Chintu and his family.Initially Rakesh and Anant wanted to play the son-dad duo.But I insisted Ashish to play the son and accordingly the dad's role was given to Shailesh More. Shailesh had never acted before.Rupali More, wife of Shailesh has interest in acting and the Mother's role was given to her. Shailesh had just came to watch the shooting along with his kid on that day, and we straightaway gave him Chintu's father's role.Anant Chavan had to work quite hard to make the couple act better.Rupali gave her best and saved her hubby in the act. The family made quite a good impression in their first act itself.


                              But the best part of the episode was anchoring by Rakesh Dudwadkar. Rakesh had really done a very good and confident anchoring in this episode. The shooting of this act was equally a great fun.
It was the best work of Anant Chavan as a Director so far.
     More of Hasya Jatra in next post....

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                       The last week of March 2011 was quite filled with positive energy.All the members of Ashwamedh Kalamanch were charged up after the Muhurat and Shooting of Promo of Hasya Jatra. 
April month started with good note. Hasya Jatra was welcomed by viewers of Ashwamedh Kalamanch Blog as well as YouTube and Dekhona.
                       'Hasya Jatra' name was purposely chosen as I knew that at some point we have to switch to HINDI language,as the Marathi speaking viewers are only area specific and internet users Marathi speaking people are limited.But as there was not a single Marathi web-serial on internet we decided to keep Hasya Jatra in both languages 'Marathi' as well as 'Hindi'. Writers can express their feelings better in their mother tounge and that was the second reason why we started with Marathi as 'writing script in Marathi' was much easier for all of us. 
                      Shailesh Humbre, one of our team-mate had provided the backdrop and halogen tube to us from one of his decorator friend Nixon. Abhijeet Sakpal provided us the much needed Butter papers & ring used specially for the light arrangement in shooting.Rest of the property required for shoot were arranged by me and pillars of Ashwamedh Kalamanch. 
                      Pillars of Ashwamedh Kalamanch (Rajendra,Jitendra and Hakim) were the key members for Ashwamedh Kalamanch because all the arrangement for the Unit were done by them. They handled the 'food department' and saved our lot of production cost. It's not an easy task to prepare food for 15-20 members on all shooting schedules. Other departments like writing, directing and casting etc.were handled by Anant Chavan.Abhijeet Sakpal assisted Anant in every aspect. Camera and Editing was my duty and anchoring was handled by Rakesh Dudwadkar. 

          First episode of 'Hasya Jatra' was completely done on improvisation basis. There was no written script.We used RED butter paper in front of halogen to give BAR effect.Dominos disposable tissue papers,bottle of Bisleri, flower pot etc were used to create Table. Chakna of Gajar and Kakadi was arranged on table along with bottle of MIRANDA and Glasses.It was around 4:30 we prepared 'tea' for unit.And decided to use BLACK TEA as Liquor in one of the Glass (which Abhijeet is drinking). Rakesh never tasted alcohol in his entire life.But the way he has acted in this episode is really amazing.The chemistry between Abhijeet and Rakesh during this act was good and so the direction by Anant Chavan. There was no scripts so we joined 5-6 jokes/sms on wives and made this act. Our first episode itself was 'Jugaad' :P
But the end product was quite good. 

  Second episode of 'Hasya Jatra' was just kind of 'ThookPatti'wala act. Due to some reason actors could not complete their commitment to come on the day of shoot.But the show must 'Go on'. Anant came sharp at 10:30 at my place in Virar,we waited till 12:00'o clock for Rakesh.But he could not come due to some personal problem.We had already decided that we have to release two episodes per week,one on Tuesday and another on Friday. I purposely chose Friday,as Saturday and Sunday are our shooting days and I don't have internet facility in Virar.So I upload episode on Friday and others keep sharing it on Saturday and Sunday when maximum people are online on Facebook. So the point is, SHOW MUST GO ON.
Anant had many times performed the Vyanga-act by Shri.Sharad Joshi.He had even saw his guru Soumitra doing such acts in Prithvi theatre. So we decided to go ahead with 'Rashtrabhasha me prem patra ka mahatva'. He had all script by-heart and the act was One Take OK...But later when we released the episode Anant was himself not happy with his performance because he knew that he could have done it more expressively. I experimented with VERTICAL camera and LOCKED frame for this episode,so as to keep all the FOCUS on Anant. 
                  This was the story behind first two episodes of Hasya Jatra....
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