31 August 2011

Dhammagiri Pagoda - Igatpuri

   Dhamma Giri Pagoda  @ Igatpuri Vipassana Meditation Centre  



30 August 2011

NURSERY RHYME - 'Whats your wish?'

(Image courtesy: search-best-cartoon) 

        WHAT'S YOUR WISH ?

 Jerry mouse, Jerry mouse 
What's your 'wish'? 
I need a 'Cheese cake'
in round round dish

Pussy cat, Pussy cat
What's your 'wish'?
I need a 'milk shake'
and  a 'roasted fish' 

Lucy dog,Lucy dog
What's your wish?
To fight like a superdog,
Dhoom dhaam dhissh !!!

- Deepak Doddamani 

(This post is dedicated to my nephew Master 'Aditya' & all the children )

Om Shanti Om

Om Puri @ Ramlila Maidan
(Image courtsey: Google )

               International actor Om Puri has become the 'soft target' of all the politicians after his famous speech at Ramlila Maidan. Although he has already apologized for the words he used for MPs in parliaments publicly on media,he might face a breach of privilege notice. In this time his friend & co-actor in many films Anupam Kher is supporting him,so as the general public.

             Politicians were under immense pressure for  several days. Anna's fast, & the support which he was getting for his anti-corruption movement,created lot of pressure on them.Almost for 15 days politicians were criticized by people everywhere in India. Their intentions to make India corruption-free was questioned by media suspiciously.  Volunteers of 'India against corruption' & supporters of Anna did Gheraos of their houses. In short, they were on the receiving end throughout the Andolan. They realized that they should not dare to speak anything against 'Anna' now. We have already seen what happened to Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal, Arundhati Roy after their statements against Shri.Anna Hazare?  In fact this movement by people have hurt egos of many MPs & MLAs. Anna has explained many times that 'we chose politicians to serve people.So they should act like trustees and not like Maharajas for their 5 yrs tenure'. This has made many politicians angry & somehow they wanted to vent-off somewhere. That's the reason why Om Puri has become their target now. 

The day Om Puri gave speech he was applauded by the people which made him more enthusiastic and he became quite emotional & said whatever he felt was right. He spoke like a citizen of India, but he forgot that he is a 'public figure' and not a 'common man'. Politicians who took 42 yrs to pass Janlokpal bill, didn't needed much time to act against Om Puri.Omji's point was right. He said that all the candidates who get election tickets should be well-qualified. But the words 'Anpadh, Gavaar' & 'Nalayak' were enough to   prove him guilty.

Balasaheb Thackeray raised a question, "Does Om Puri takes all his fees by Cheques ?" It gave one more chance to media to target Om Puri. Hopefully, the politicians will consider overall situation in which Om Puri gave that speech & will accept his apology. 

But unfortunately no one is asking Laloo Prasad to apologize Anna for his remarks on his fitness/health after 12 days on anshan ? Not a single person from  Parliament raised any objection against his comments.  

 "Social activists in Maharashtra do not eat fodder" - well explained by Thackeray :))     

Keywords: Om Puri, Ramlila Maidan, Anna Hazare, Laloo Prasad, Balasaheb Thackeray, Breach of privilege motion, India against corruption.

28 August 2011



'Knowledge' is perhaps the most important asset of any human being.
It's like a seed which changes into a staple & grows day by day,
It flourishes in fertile soil & becomes a huge tree. 
It provides shade,fruits & flowers to everyone with all it's kindness.
Those who eat fruits, should sow seeds again in another fertile land, 
Not because soil needs it, but because we need fruits again.
Nature's blessing is such that there exists fertile soil everywhere 

But,'deserts' also exists, they are spread in larger areas.
Desert land is capable of facing worst climate & heat,
which normal lands can not withstand without getting cracked. 
Desert is 'desert' due to lack of presence of water.
A seed can not sprout in such desert.
Water plays crucial role in fertility of soil.
But it all depends on absorption of soil 
Depth of water inside ground decides prosperity of land 
River quenches lands near its banks making it fertile.
Some lands are away from deep water, but those can still be irrigated.

But what about 'Shallow water', which only makes 'noise'?
Although 'shallow water' has capability of making land fertile, 
It flows without looking around, blowing its own trumpet.
Not even lands with fertile soils gets benefited by it, 
forget about the 'desert' land 
Desert can only 'Wait & Watch'. 

(Note: These lines are dedicated to Indian 'Education System'.
Desert represents students who are really capable but who doesn't get a chance of higher education.

 'Shallow water' represents institutes/teachers who have made 'Education' - 'a money market')

Doosra 'Gandhi'

                        Doosra 'Gandhi'

         In the year 2006, Lage raho Munnabhai created waves in Indian Cinema. Everyone was talking about magic of 'Gandhigiri'.Through LRMB Rajkumar Hirani introduced 'Mahatma Gandhi' to the young net-savvy generation. The movie was excellent & had very important messages through nicely woven scenes. 
Dilip Prabhavalkar as 'Gandhiji' in LRMB (2006)
Image courtesy: Google
Ben Kingsley as 'Gandhi' (1982)

        We all have learned about Gandhiji in our school.Most of us have seen the movie 'Gandhi'.We have read about 'Gandhi' and we have also read books written by 'Mahatma' himself. 
      Till now we were just knowing his philosophy, but in last few days we  experienced his philosophy.In last 13 days we have sensed the power of 'Non-violence'.We learned proper ways of carrying out 'peaceful' rallies. We saw how 'Satyagraha' works? We saw how people can get united under the power of 'national movements', by leaders who can dare to walk on the path of 'truth' and 'non-violence'. Thanks to Shri. Anna Hazare. 

Shri. Anna Hazare
 There is large population in India which has started calling 'Anna' Hazare - the 'Doosra Gandhi'. Many people has excuse to this. As they feel 'Anna's methods of movement were not correct.
Whatever may be your opinion,but for me 'Anna' is really doosra 'Gandhi'.

           " ANNA nahi yeh 'aandhi' hai, desh ka doosra 'GANDHI' hai "

            First time in our life we got a chance to see such an amazing movement which was completely 'peaceful' and 'non-violent' in nature. We have habit of watching buring tyres, buses, public properties, lathicharges, tear-gases, blood sheds etc. in political movements. But the 'Anti-corruption movement' led by 'Anna' was indeed exceptional.This was truly a 'Social movement' The way 'team Anna' handled the entire campaign is really worth appreciating. Media has played a crucial role in this movement against corruption. Salute to the true spirit of journalism shown by Indian media. 

      Entire world was watching this movement, and we proved entire world once again that, YES..We belong to a nation of Gautam Buddha,Swami Vivekanand & Mahatma Gandhi. 
      We are thankful to 'Anna' for waking - up the nation & giving us a hope and 'we can do' spirit.We had always cursed our 'hopeless' system,but now 'Anna' has shown us the way how we can bring the much needed change by increasing our 'will power'. 

     Today it's a victory of people in true sense. We have a democracy which we all are proud of, and we have made people more stronger, together. 

         Even the soul of 'Mahatma Gandhi' will be proud of us !

Mahatma Gandhi


27 August 2011



                          (Note: Images courtesy 'Google')


People united to fight against corruption 
Method: Non-violence
Revenue: Donations


(Kisan Baburao Hazare)
Social Activist, Padmabhushan, Padmashri
Leader: India Anti-corruption movement
Ralegan Siddhi Transformation
Right to information
Organization: India Against Corruption 



       Social Activist, IPS Officer (1972-2007)

             Magsaysay award, UN Medal, President's Gallantry award
              Key member: 'Team Anna',Indian Anti-corruption movement
                 Organizations: Navjyoti, India Vision Foundation 

Social Activist, Indian lawyer
Key Member: 'Team Anna',Indian Anti-corruption movement

Social Activist, IRS Officer (1995-2006),
Ramon Magsaysay award 

Right to information act 
Key member: 'Team Anna', Indian Anti-corruption movement
Organization: Parivartan, India Against Corruption 

Social Media
Played vital role in gathering support to Anti-corruption movement led by Shri.Anna Hazare


Manish Sisodia
Shri.Shri. Ravishankar
Baba Ramdev
Many more.

A first step towards Corruption-free India

Lets make India corruption-free !!!

26 August 2011



(Image courtesy: Google)

          Today I am 90 yrs old, completely bed-ridden and watching television for the great 'Indian movement' the 'Second freedom struggle' by a man called 'Anna Hazare'. The massive crowd which has spend the 10 magnificent days of their life in Ramlila ground will surely get a chance to taste the 'real taste of freedom' once they will ultimately win the battle against corruption. My son is supporting Anna with all his heart & I am proud of him. But my grandson doesn't seems to have faith in it. My grandson Arun is employee with India's largest software company. He is 27 yrs old & has been recently moved to Mumbai for job.We have always respected his every decision about his life. But today somehow I am little unhappy with his rude behavior. No, I don't want to preach him anything. He has his own mind & his own conscience. But today I want to share something very important with him, 'my greatest 'Regret' in life'. 
        Our family is one of the most respected family in Punjab. When I was young,  I  studied in one of the most premium school in Nainital. My father was on higher position in Military during British Raj. I was grown up with British children during my hostel life. Due to my rich family background & father's good relationship with British statesman,I never had any Indian friends in my childhood. I never knew why other countrymen were looking for 'freedom'? My father kept me away from Indian students. He didn't wanted me to mix-up with them as he was worried about my future. He never wanted me to become rebel & I always followed his suggestion. Due to my such up-bringing, I had developed lot of faith in BritishRaj. When I completed my education in Nainital, I moved to Lahore to join Police force.  

         My father was proud of me, that I was successful in my career & I felt the same for myself. But the things started changing after 1945. World war II ended, and British government lost lot of property & people during war. That was the period when Indian National freedom movement started to take grip. We had lot of pressure to catch the rebellions who were trying to do revolt against Britishers. That time I never understood why such young men,without frightening to death were joining the freedom struggle ? I was least concerned with whatever was happening around me. I was dedicated to my work & I was serving my own country. I was hard-working policeman,and it was my duty to catch such 'Krantkari'. We all were Indians, and for us British rule was like our own Government, and I couldn't even imagine that there can be 'Free India' in future. I never had that vision.

          But whenever I used to see young krantikari getting hanged to death, I could not sleep for several days.I still remember, I have spent several sleepless nights.Then there was a period my colleagues policemen  used to cry in front of me. Some had developed a great hatred for their work as we were killing our own people. But I was still under dilemma. How can someone die for   a dream of 'Free India'? We had never seen such 'State of Existance', called free India. So why people are even ready to die for such unexperienced state. Why people are so frenzy? How can this old man called 'Gandhi' agitate whole nation for something called 'FREEDOM'? My only concern was my family and my job. For me,  the meaning of patriotism was 'to serve my nation as a policeman' under the British Regime. 
          Many of my colleagues in Police force started to leave Police force. They could not handle the guilt of killing their own people.The anger and distress against British Raj started developing in every policemen.But we all had families & all wanted to earn our bread. So we were committed to our work.I still remember we used to call 'Krantikari' as 'Deewana' means 'Mad', because they had made their life so 'cheap'.But as the number started increasing.We saw more & more people demanding the freedom. Gandhiji gave a weapon of 'Satyaghraha' to all the people of India.'Ahinsa' is what he used to preach & perhaps that changed my entire opinion about the battle.

       I was one of the most trusted Indian Policeman under BritishRaj & so I was given the charge of expelling the large crowd of Azad Maidan that day. I still remember General gave an order of lathicharge over the crowd who were engaged in peaceful protest against British Government. The crowd was much bigger than our policeforce that time & we were worried that we didn't had enough darogas  with us to expell such a big crowd. But as the lathicharge started I was shocked. No one raised their hands over policemen. They started shouting slogans 'Inqlaab Zindabad'. Angry General started  hitting them with more strength.Blood started spilling out of their bodies but they stood again.All of them used to get ready to get hit more harder within next moment. That scence changed my whole life. I had earlier caught many freedom fighters who had guns & other weapons with them & killed many of them in gun-battle. But that never ever made me feel guilty. But these 'non-violent' movement has started to agitate me from inside out. Why are these white policemen hitting, killing our own countrymen who doesn't have any weapon in hand and asking 'British' to leave their country. Why? But I never had courage to leave my job and jump into freedom struggle. 
         On 15 August 1947 India became 'Independent'. And that was the first time I sensed what is called 'Freedom'? Every Indian was celebrating the Independence. My family, my friends congratulated me, hugged me, and I started feeling more guilty. I was celebrating the 'freedom' which I had never dreamed of. The 'State of Existence'  for which many 'Deewaney' died. The state of 'freedom', which was envisioned by few, but followed by thousands. The 'Independence' which was earned with lot of struggle and worth 'dying' for. I was actually started feeling happy internally that INDIA got 'freedom'

             But what about the 'REGRET'? Yes, it's still there even after 6 decades. I was part of freedom movement, but I was not on right side. And that 'regret' kept me killing day by day. All the hard-earned medals which I got during my service in Police-force were the symbols of my anti-Indian stance.I never believed in 'Gandhi', and I could never visualize India without Britishers. I always listened to my mind, but always ignored the voice of my patriotic heart. I was the most intelligent person who could analyse every situation, every event properly, but unfortunately I ended being on wrong side,because I could not make my mind within time. I lost my precious opportunity to serve my country in real sense... I 'regret' for it. 

          This should not happen with my grandson Arun. He is very intelligent & really hard-working person. He is born in free India, but the 'Corrupt' one. He doesn't have the vision to see 'Corruption-free' India. It's not his fault.Some people can not visualize such 'State of existence', as they believe only on their experiences and do have rigid mind frame. But I want to tell him that join these 'Deewaney log'  who are fighting for something which 'Anna' call as 'Second freedom struggle. My son, I want to see you on the 'RIGHT' side of freedom movement. I love you and don't want you to 'regret' like me, throughout life. 

                   Arun, I hope you will listen to your heart....

25 August 2011

Jabaan Sambhaal ke


Rahul Gandhi
He is considered as future Prime minister of India. 
But he has never proved himself yet.
His irresponsible statements after bomb blasts in Mumbai made him the biggest villain of  2011
His party is trying their best to project him as hero in 'Anna's Andolan' as mediator. 

Digvijay Singh
Most arrogant leader of UPA, who has crossed all the limits of insensitivity by  supporting Rahul
Gandhi's statement against bomb-blast. During Anti-corruption movement Government kept him away to avoid any problem due to his controversial statements to media.

Kapil Sibal
The most respected lawer & politician from UPA government
has made lot of blunder in handling issue of 'anti-corruption' movement of
Anna Hazare. He didn't kept single stone unturned to verbally attack Anna Hazare & his team 

Manish Tiwari
Without knowing anything about Anna Hazare, this motormouth
spoke-person made an indecent statement about Anna.
He said Anna is corrupt from top to bottom & then apologized to save his political career 

Arundhiti Roy

Booker prize winner author who criticized 'Anna Hazare' & his campaign
She compared Anna supporters with Maoist & raised questions on Anna Hazare's
Gandhian philosophy   

These people have lost their respect in majority of general public due to their  statements, speeches, views, articles & have become villains of the year 2011. 

Morale of the story : Mind your tongue ( Jabaan Sambhaal ke ).

( All Images courtesy: Google) 


                                   Common Agenda !!!

image courtesy: BBC
All political parties are sitting in 'Sarvadaliya' meeting.Ruling party leaders  A,B,C are already exhausted due to morchas infront of their homes.Third front is  irritated by timing of meeting.Their leaders X,Y,Z have come to pressurize government.Opposition party leaders P,Q,R are really happy to see ruling party in trouble but somehow they are controlling their smiles. 
And the meeting starts,

Ruling party Speaker: Good Evening all !!

All members: Good evening !!

R.P.Speaker: You all are invited here for discussing the  important issues of 'Anna' & 'Janlokpal' 

Opposition party leader: Yes, we know.Government is feeling the heat of Anna Hazare's revolution,otherwise you wouldn't have called 'sarvadaliya' meeting.Would you? 

'A': I tell you this 'Anna Hazare' has become nuisance for all of us.

'P': You made him hero.It's all your mistake, why did you detain him on 16th Aug? 

'B': Can both of you just shut-up? 

'C': Samose kafi achche bane hai..(eats one more Samosa)...boliye adhyakhsaji

R.P.Speaker: We need your suggestions on this issue.What do you think we should do? 

O.P.leader: ha ha ha ha...What happened to your dialogue 'Humare paas Manmohan Singh hai'?

'Q': Sir, jaane do na,aap dekh hi rahe ho,ek aurat ke gharpe na honese ghar ki kya haalat ho gayi hai? Mare huye ko aur mat maro. 

All O.P.members : ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (Cunning Laughter)

'A': Careful,you have not taken any 'firm stand' about 'Janlokpal'.People are watching your dirty politics against us during this crisis. So you better watch for your 'image'.

'P': 'Baukhlaa' gaye ho aap lok..You save your ass first. People will throw you out in next election. 

'C': Kya roz roz 'chai' pilate hai? 'Coffee' nahi hai kya? 

'Q': Khane pine ke alawa aapke log aur karte bhi kya hai? tabhi to aaj ye haal hai? ha ha ha..Bola tha limit me khao. par suna nahi..ab ho gayi na badhazami? 

'X': Isiliye hum kehte hai ki 'Communist' sarvshrestha hai.Hum hamesha janata ke baare me sochte hai.

'B': Aap rehne dijiye, aap ka to ab astistva hi khatam ho raha hai..

R.P. Speaker : Gentlemen you are wasting time.We need your opinion about Janlokpal.

O.P.Leader: Our opinion is clear. You should withdraw your Lokpal bill from Sansad first. 

'Y': Yes, your Lokpal Bill is ridiculous.Remove it first.We need stronger Lokpal.

'C':Have you gone mad? If we introduce Janlokpal, all of us will get naked in front of public.Sabke pol khul jayenge.Our all scams will come out within a year. 

'Q': Let it happen. Anyhow, People of this country know that 'Corruption-Free' India is an IDEAL condition which can never exists in reality.So we have fair chance to get 'Janaadhar' in next election as people will select 'Less Corrupt' government again. 

'A': 'Sapne' dekhana band kijiye,aisa kuch nahi honewala.We have managed some media on our side.They will portrait that 'TEAM ANNA' is more arrogant and 'adiyal' than us. We have chosen our best negotiators.

'R': Hahaha...Do they even know what is 'Negotiation all about?'

'C': We gave team Anna 6 cups tea and 2-2 sandwiches each. 

'Q': Still you have to come out and clarify your statements about Anna in Midnight? Is that what you call 'best negotiation?'

'Y': You both parties are useless, our Vampanthi morcha will not allow you to cheat people.Aapki standing committee khade rehkar vichar karti hai,aur der tak logoko intezaar me khada rakhti hai. U ppl are useless. 

'B': Mr. 'Y', you have forgot that your voice doesn't have any value now. As our Government doesn't need anyone's support now.Those days are gone when we needed anyone's support to form a government.

'Z': You egoistic people ! Then why did you called us for meeting? Anyhow our opinion  will not be taken into consideration,right ? Hum log Walkout karenge. 

'C':Senti dialogue mat maariye, Samose khayiye, badhiya hai. 

'A': Yes, he is right, now only Ruling party & Opposition has to take a call.

'P': People are against you,so we are with people. Isn't it a common sense?

'B': But even if you will support them, Janlokpal is neither good for us nor you.So think again. 

'Q': Bullshit,we are not afraid of any laws against corruption.

'C': We have all account numbers of Indians in Swiss banks. Aur usme se kuch aap logo ke bhi hai..

'R': Dhamaki? 

'A': Dhamaki nahi Chetavani.

R.P.Speaker: Dekhiye,aise ek dusre par kichad uchalne se kuch nahi honewala. hume jald-se-jald kuch karna padega.

O.P.leader: Sahi kaha, Hum 'ANNA HAZARE' ko bhagwan banne nahi de sakte.hume unke 'anshan' ko sabse pehele todna hoga.

R.P.leader 'A':Kuch bhi ho, 'Janlokpal' humare hit me nahi.Koi political party kabhi nahi chahegi ki 'Bhrashtachar' samapt ho.

O.P.Leader 'P': Kumse kum hum log ye nahi chahte ki hum 'Lokpal' ke dayre me aaye.'Sarkaari babu' aaye to chal jayega...

R.P.Leader 'C': Hmm.Kamse kam apne hisseka toh kha sakte hai...(eats one more samosa)

R.P.Speaker: Toh main yeh samzoo ki humara common agenda yeh hai ki 'ANNA' ka anshan tod diya jaaye? 

O.P.leader: Magar 'ANNA' manenge?

R.P.Leader: Nahi manenge to unka anshan jabran tudwayenge.

'P': Log bhadak jayenge?

'B': Lekin agar 'Anna' ko kuch ho gaya toh aur zyada bhadkenge.

'Q': We can do one thing..Just keep conditions as it 'status quo', log aandolan ko aur zyada nahi khich payenge..ab 10 din pure ho chuke hai.

'A': Waise bhi zhoote vaade karne me humara haath koi nahi pakad sakta.Anshan tod denge..Janlokpal ke baare me soch-vichar karne ke liye waqt maang lenge.Janta thandi ho jayegi.baad me TEAM ANNA se nipat lenge. kaisa rahega?

O.P.Leader: bahut khub.waise bhi, people have habit of forgetting everything.Log Terrorist attacks, Bomb-blasts bhool jate hai..toh 'Janlokpal' kis khet ki muli hai ?


This way the common agendra of all politicians remains same :'Corruption  till death'.

Joint Spokeperson to Media : 

Humari baat-chit shuru hai,Sarkaar 'bhrashtachar' ke khilaf sakt kanoon laana chahti hai.We will find out some way out soon.We are worried about 'ANNA'S health, We appeal 'Anna' to quit his 'Anshan'. 

And...the 'anshan'...continues...

22 August 2011

Don't support 'Anna'

Image courtesy: Google 
   Don't support Anna...if you don't want to support him..Isn't it easy ? Why the hell some people criticize something they themselves don't have guts to do in their life?  Just to grab attention?? Ridiculous ! 
    It's always easy to keep doing bla bla bla in forums and showing your intelligence on internet. Forget about 'Anna' & 'Jan lokpal', can you stay hungry for just 3 consecutive days for something which you really want to do for society? Forget about society, atleast for yourself? Can you stay hungry for just 3 days for bringing some change in your own life. First do that !
          Criticism: Anna is not Gandhiwadi.
Who cares??  Those who Support Anna are now 'Annawadi' & that just matters than anything else. 'United we stand, divided we fall'. If someone thinks he can't himself change the system alone & he can't lead, still he can surely become a good supporter. And without a strong support and loyal followers no leader can become 'Gandhi'. 

         Criticism 2: NGOs funded by Businessmen are funding this movement.
Thank god. Atleast people are using their money for right thing. Rather than wasting money in bribing Sarkari Babus throughout life, if they are investing money in this movement to 'try' to make India corruption-free even for their own benefits,whats wrong in that? You don't think it's  their patriotism & they have their own benefits in doing so, Ok !! It's their money & their wish. It's none of your business. 
         Criticism 3: Supporters don't even know what is 'Janlokpal' bill? 
People who don't have any previous criminal records are ready to go behind bars for Janlokpal, will they take so much risk without knowing what they are doing? & why are they doing it? Without educating & making aware about the Bill how could  'Team Anna' get so much support? 

   Criticism 4: Anna doesn't care for other issues like Singur, Godhra Hatyakand. etc.
Ok..If you really care for issues, pick up your cause and work for it. If you will do something good for society, even you will get support from people. Anna has chosen his work-area and agenda & if he is concentrating only on anti-corruption movement for most of his life,Whats wrong in that?? Infact it's better to specialize in One area :P Isn't it? 

        Criticism 5: 'Janlokpal bill' will not eradicate corruption from India. 
Wah, you seems to be 'Antaryaami'. You must start your own future-reading business and earn lots of money. But first take some counselling to remove negativity from your mind.Because you could have selected to predict something positive, rather than negative. It shows your mind-frame and your will power. 

        Criticism 6: Anna is 'blackmailer'
There were many blackmailers in 'India' who tried to blackmail government for their own benefits but none of them succeeded as their blackmailing was related to some particular community, some particular issue.It lacked mass-appeal. And 'Anna' himself agrees he is 'blackmailer', what  you got concluding it once again? :P 

   Criticism 7: Every tom, dick & harry will use same funda in future against Govt.
Let them use it. But who is going to support them? Are they going to get such a massive support which 'Team Anna' is getting? People do have lot of work to do & people do understand what is right & wrong? So this threat is just an baseless excuse. 

        Criticism 8: This Article lacks 'Study' 
Lolz.. then who told you to read this??? Go and sleep :) 

NOTE: Support 'ANNA', if you want to support, 
     Don't Support 'Anna', if you don't want to support him.
     It's so simple...Keep it simple silly...... :))




21 August 2011

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II

                 This is the second post of my own quotes
                 (basically these are my tweets on Twitter) 
              You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter. 

1) Revolutions starts with en-lighted souls but become successful due to agitated minds. 

2) Action starts when we start empathizing for victims.'Sympathy' can move your 'hearts',but not your 'souls'

3) You can compromise in 'love', but never compromise for 'love',As true love never asks for compromises.

4) 'Bootstrapping' for entrepreneurs is same like the 'last arrow' in archers quiver.That's the 'full-n-final' chance to win the battle !!

5) Rest of my life, I will work only for those organizations whose owner will be Mr. Deepak Doddamani, that is 4 sure !!!  

6) Visit temples in India with 'faith' in heart and 'eye' 4 an art.Truly incredible ! Life is carved on every piece of stone

7) My opinions are 'my opinions', and I am happy that 'my opinions' are my 'own opinions'

20 August 2011


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                It was 9:10 a.m. and  I was still near Vashi station. I didn't had my Resume copy with me but carried my pen-drive. Unfortunately the only Print-out shop near station was closed that day. I asked a passerby where can I get print-out. He told me to go to Sector 17. I was completely pissed off. I said to myself, it will take more 15 min. to reach Vashi Plaza, but somehow I had the intuitions that I won't get print-out in Mhape, so I decided to walk towards Vashi plaza. After taking printout   I went to bus stop and waited 10-15 min. 

' Why the hell I am going  for an interview??', I asked myself. But then at the same time,I  wanted to reach there on time. When I saw my watch again, I decided to catch an Auto -rickshaw and go there. I had never visited Mhape area before . But I do have a old connection with Navi Mumbai. I sat in the auto and told Rickshaw-wala, 'Mhape chalo'. He looked with happy face towards me and I realized,Ok..So Mhape may be too far to go with Auto. :P Usually Rick-drivers have this cunning smile on their faces when they realize that they gonna get big fare.He put Auto Rickshaw Meter down & started driving.

        As the auto started moving, I kept watching buildings outside.Being Mumbaikar, I had seen this area getting transformed from Jungle into Commercial hub. I remembered my friends who shifted to Vashi, Belapur,Panvel long back when the area was under-developed. There were no proper roads that time. I still remember the 'Rangeela' shooting which I saw in Belapur long back..My mind was constantly thinking about how faster the concrete jungle grows? Suddenly one car came infront of us from nowhere and there was the sound of 'kirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' the 'emergency break' !!

'Aaig***a, tuzya baapane tari gaadi chalavali hoti ka??' rick-driver started abusing the car-driver. 
I told Rickshaw-wala not to indulge in fight as I was getting late for an interview. But he kept abusing the car-driver even after  he left. He was fuming with anger and increased the speed of Auto. 

To calm him down I started talking to him. 
'Mhape khup durr aahe ka?' 
He said ' Tumhi pahilyandach jatay ka tikde?' 
I decided not to tell him the truth.When these people realize that you are visiting some place for first time,there are chances that they might charge you more.

So I said calmly, 'Nahi tas nahi, khup divas zaale tikde jaun'. :P
He asked, 'Kontya gavche tumhi?'
I said 'Wadala'.
He started laughing, 
I realized my mistake and I corrected 
'Mi Solapurcha', 
He was happy, he said he had lot of Rickshaw-wale friends who are from New Solapur. 
I asked him 'Tumch gaav konta?', 
He answered ' Satara'. 
'Sataryala konta gaav?' I asked him as if I have Google Map of Satara in my mind. 
He said 'Vaai'
I said, 'Mala mahit aahe Vai, khup prasiddha gaav aahe'
The only information I had about 'Vai' is its 'Heavy Monsoon', which I used to teach my students in Geography subject during my classes time. 
Rickwala got happy when I praised his hometown,
He asked, 'Interviewla challaay ka saaheb?'
I said 'Ho re baba', with lot of disgust as I never like to go for an interview. 
I stated thinking 'Why the hell I am going for an interview?'
I have a track-record of clearing all the interview but not taking any single job in last one year. 
The desire for self-employment doesn't allow me to stay in a job for longer time. 
I kept quite for some time and then asked him 
'Tumhi ikade kadhi pasun Rickshaw chalavta?'
He said '7 varsh zale astil'. 
He continued, 'Saheb tumhi changla manus distay, mhanun tumhala short-cut ne gheoon jaato'. 
I smiled. 'Mhanje?'
He said, ' Aho, Mhape la jayach mhanje Rickshaw wale firvun firvun netat, 150 paryant kamavtat, ekdum lumpsum.' and started laughing loudly.
I realized he was telling truth, as the Auto started running on a small road with lot of pot-holes and water in them. This was really a  camel-ride.
 I asked him, ' Jar haa short-cut aahe tar long-cut kasaa asel?' 
He once again laughed at my sarcasm & said ' Saheb, tumhala tyani Kopar Khairane, Ghansoli varun Mhape la nela asta'.
I started looking at meter and realized my mistake of catching an auto. 
But still I was happy that I would reach in time. 
He said, 'Kasali company aahe? IT ki Chemical?'
I was startled by his general knowledge about the companies in that area. 
I said 'Chemical chi'
He said, ' Tumhi Chemical engineer dista?'
I said 'Hmm'.. 
And started thinking about my Chemical connection. Unfortunately I never liked chemical field. I did my from an esteemed college UDCT and that too with lot of struggle as I never attended my college and was busy in trying out new new businesses like Data entry vendorship, Multi-level Marketing and Silver Extraction during my college tenure.  
I remembered my Training during my B.Tech with Ricinash Oil mills in Taloja.  
Perhaps that was the only memory of working in chemical company. My mind started wandering in past.Suddenly my thought-chain broke with his voice. 
'Saheb, mazya bahinicha mulga Civil Engineer aahe, 30,000 pagar aahe. Durbinitun rasta baghayache 30,000 gheto to'. 
I started laughing on his funny perspective about Civil Engineers.
I told that's a really good thing. 
'Shikshan khup mahatvaach aahe' he continued. 
I was numb for some time as I remembered how badly I ignored my studies during Engineering days to start something of my own at very early age. 
I didn't said anything.
He stopped Rickshaw in MIDC area and asked one passerby about Chembond company. 
That worker helped us out with the exact road to Nelco and Chembond. 
We thanked him and started Auto. 
We reached Chembond. I handed over Rs.100 note to him and thanked him for bringing me there on time. He smiled and said. 
'Saheb, kalaji karu naka..Tumhi mazya Rickshaw madhun aala aahat, Tumcha kaam nakki hoyeel bagha'. I loved what he said. I thanked him again for his genuine warmth and waved my hands to say 'Good Bye' to him. 

He made his Rickshaw meter UP and drove aways and I went on my way for reception area. 


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